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Just tried it for first time tonight. Delicious!!! Wonderfully sweet and smoky! We shall return!

Adam Douglas

Love the pulled pork. It is so good and tender. My husband has had the half chicken and the brisket and loved them both. Sides are tasty too. You can tell they’re homemade.


The food was Delicious! I had the two meat combo Ribs and Brisket both meats were very tender and full of flavor…..I will definitely come back for more. Oh yeah didn’t have to wait long service was Great also

Alicia Storey North

I stopped in yesterday for some BBQ. This place is a 1 man operation bit he is doing it right. Homemade sauce, fresh greens and some really flavorful pig meat.


Had the brisket sandwich today for lunch. Perfectly cooked. I should have tried the spicy BBQ sauce, but the mild was good. Had the yams as a side and it was good with decent flavor. Will do the rib tips and probably mac and cheese next.


I love this place, can’t wait till they bring back the smoke ribs

Mobile review

Better then Montgomery inn…by a long shot.
I found woots during a lunch break one day. If you talk to the lady behind the desk she is from Carolina. Which bring from the easy coast is a huge bbq staple. speaks for itself really. The food is rich in smoky flavor with a little spiciness behind it. Almost no fat on the ribs. sides are your classic down south style. Best place in cinci that I have found by far. So if you wanna break out of your Cincinnati mind set, trust me this is so much better


Woot’s didn’t disappoint!
My dad told me about a little spot in White Oak selling some great barbecue. We both ended up checking it out and were greeted with warm smiles, an inviting atmosphere, and good cooking. Pops ordered the half chicken while I got the brisket and we both left satisfied with good sides as well. (rolls, mac and cheese and french fries for me) everyone needs to give Woot’s a chance!


So glad I tried it!

After driving past Woots for nearly a year, I finally decided to try it. I am so glad I did. As a Kansas City BBQ judge, I’ve eaten a fair amount of real BBQ & Woots is now at the top of my list. The smoked fried chicken is fantastic. I also tried the pulled pork, the pork ribs & the brisket – all great – as were the sides. Baked beans and mac&cheese are good enough to get by themselves. And the cornbread muffins were the best I’ve ever had

Michael Carr

I had a half rack of ribs that were absolutely delicious.  Had a really good smoke flavor to them.  Looking forward to coming back and trying the brisket.

Doug M.

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